Lori Wolin, Ph.D. has the experience, the knowledge, and above all, the expertise to give your case exactly what it needs to move forward and reach a strong settlement. Clients who work with Lori see the difference that a true professional expert can make.

  • Ph.D. in Business Management and Marketing
  • Experienced, Professional Expert Witness and Consultant
  • ​Hands-on Practitioner
  • FL Real Estate Sales Associate Lic. #SL3085468 / Realtor®
  • ​​FL Building Contractor Lic. #CBC1254311
  • FL Roofing Contractor Lic. #CCC132819
  • FL Community Association Manager Lic. #CAM31304
  • FL Public Insurance Adjuster Lic. #P134965
  • DISC® Profile & Motivators Certified
  • Myers-Briggs® Type Indicator Certified 
  • Internationally Published Author 

Key Qualifications

Why Retain Lori Wolin, Ph.D. As Your Expert?

When considering or litigating real estate transactions, property damage conflicts, construction disagreements, real estate or business valuation matters, or insurance claim handling, there’s no room to leave anything to chance.  

Lori  Wolin, Ph.D. is the expert with whom you will personally work. She has a unique depth of knowledge and considers all aspects of every case prior to rendering an opinion. Her expert reports are uniquely developed and hand-crafted on an individual basis, versus derived from "boiler plate" or "off the shelf" reference materials.​​  

Lori is retained almost equally for both plaintiff and defense. She has the experience and presentation skills to help resolve cases where injustices have emerged. 

Lori has extensive experience participating in depositions, at trial, in private mediation, and in reporting. She understands what it takes to help you get the settlement you desire. 



Real Estate and Business Valuations · Property Damage Assessments · Construction Disputes

Failure to Disclose Disputes · Property Insurance Claim Matters